Question: When should I NOT be using myfaceworks paper masks?
Answer: If you have a serious sunburn, open sores, severe acne and/or peeling skin, please refrain from using papers masks. It may cause skin irritation and redness. Any severe and more complicated skin issues should be looked at by your dermatologist.

Question: Do you use recycled paper?
Answer:Yes, the box packaging is made of recycled papers and the paper mask itself is bio-degradable.

Question: How often can I use a mfw facial mask?
Answer: It is safe to use a mfw mask up to 3 times a week. For best results you should use a mfw mask at least once a week.
Question: Do I need to wash my face after using the mask?
Answer: No. You use the mask after cleansing the face. Once you are finished with the mask, there is no rinsing necessary. You just pat down your face with your fingers to massage in any excess. Don’t worry, during the 15-20 minute period you have the mask on, your skin has already absorbed the active ingredients.

Question: How do I store my mfw masks?
Answer: Please avoid direct sun light and best to store it in a cool shaded temperature area.

Question: Can men use myfaceworks facial masks too?
Answer: YES of course! Best applied to a clean shaven complexion. Stay tuned as myfaceworks will be launching an upper face mask line for men soon!

Question: Are facial sheet masks seasonal? Are they suitable all year round?
Answer: Facial sheet masks can be used during any season and anytime. All mfw masks contain ingredients that are mainly water based, and we all know everybody needs a lot of water on the inside and out to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle. Continue Reading